Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guidelines for Supplies

As parent art docent, we share our trove of supplies. A few tips and common sense guidelines:

-location: supplies are in the large cabinet in the teacher conference room (wall to the right of the door). Also we have supplies in the lower cabinets located in the teacher mail room, along the back wall on the left hand side of the room.

-if you know you will be needing something (like, for example, sharpies) on a specific day - you may want to send out an email to the other art docents to reserve them. Hopefully we will always have enough of everything for people to do what they want, but in some cases we only have one set of some supplies and it would be smart to plan ahead.

-please put the supplies back right after you use them so they are available for whoever needs them next.

-please clean the supplies before you put them back. It's no fun to go into the cabinet and pull out a handful of yucky brushes covered in dried paint.

-we usually make a few orders each year. Make a note of supplies you think we could use on our supply request sheet inside the cabinets.


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